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Sanowell Scaneo IR Ear/Forehead Thermometer

Key Specifications/Special Features

Sanowell IR Ear/Forehead Thermometer

Sanowell thermometer, good quality device with 2 years warranty。

Your best choice for accuracy testing,in stock for supplying!

Product Details

Technical specifications

Displayed temperature range:  10- 50 %C
Measuring accuracy:  At less than 36,0 ℃ or more than 39,0 ℃
                                    +/-0.3 ℃ . At 36.0 ℃ to 39,0 ℃+/- 0.2  ℃
Display resolution:  0.1 ℃
Conditions of use:  16,0 ℃ to 40,0 ℃ at no more than 95% relative humidity

Conditions of storage:  -20,0 ℃ to 50,0 ℃ at no more than 95 % relative humidity

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