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Notes on the use of HD Industrial Videoscope


Shenzhen Aoantec Automatic Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise,integrating production and R & D.We have a variety of high-definition videoscopes to meet any demand for testing.However,owing to improper use by customers ,there will be careless damage to the product,which can reduce the service life of the product.So only when we ensure the quality of the product and correct method during using time,customers can get better service.Now I'll show you what should we pay attention to when operating?

First, when using high-definition industrial videoscope to detect objects,the object should be kept at an appropriate distance from the endoscope when examined.At the same time we should pay attention to external operating environment.

1.Connect correctly to the device in power off state.We should press the power “on / off"”button at least 2 to 3 seconds.

2.During the operation,we should take appropriate measures to prevent the endoscope probe from beening damaged.

3.During inspection,the radius of the probe should  not be less than the minimum allowable bend radius.

4.When check in curved space,try to use the all-way articulation endoscope probe.

5.During inspection,do not put the tube into excessive stretch and bending,and should keep in the flexible range of the insert tube.

6.During the use we should be as careful as possible,and the hand hold power should be controlled,slowly moving,so as not to damaged the instruments.When you insert or take out the probe,you need to control the direction, keep the correct direction and avoid excessive twisting direction control button.When not in use,the direction control button of the probe shall be in the release position.

7.Handle with care.It should not be fold,fall and knocked.If the operation is not correct, it will cause the light source without refraction and appear invisible and so on.

8.If you find any problems in the detection and have no solution,please cut off the power supply immediately,put it into the box and contact with us,the after-sales engineer will service for you.
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