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Application of industrial videoscope in production, manufacture and maintenance of auto parts


Auto parts are the foundation of the automotive industry, which mainly include engine system, drive system, brake system, steering system, walking system, electrical instrumentation, security and anti-theft and other components.In the manufacturing process of parts and components, effective quality control is required. Industrial videoscope is a commonly used non-destructive testing instrument, which has a wide range of applications in this field. Here are a few common application cases:


1. Cylinder block and cylinder head inspection: Generally, it is made by die-casting process. The defects such as sand inclusion, cracks, pores, burrs, etc. on the inner surface can be directly displayed through the videoscope. Clear images, able to detect relatively subtle surface defects.


2. Turbocharger inspection: The internal condition of the flow channel of the component, the defect of the impeller, cracks and other surface conditions can be viewed more intuitively through the videoscope, and help users effectively judge. Images and videos can be taken and stored, which is convenient for record keeping and more detailed analysis.


3. Pipeline detection: The pipeline of a car can be compared to a human blood vessel. It is widely distributed in the braking system, transmission system, steering system, fuel system, cooling system, and intake system of the car. The electric current is transmitted to other required parts, thus ensuring the normal operation of the car. Such as air conditioning ducts, exhaust pipes, turbocharger pipes, etc., if there are foreign objects blocked, cracked, etc., the videoscope can assist in intuitive judgment.


4. Piston detection: As a reciprocating part in the engine cylinder block, the piston is one of the very important parts. The videoscopic probe can enter the small piston inner hole to visually detect surface defects such as burrs.


5. Case inspection: videoscope can be used for the internal surface inspection of oil tank, water tank, gearbox, etc.


6. Maintenance inspection: it is used to detect the carbon deposition in the combustion chamber and nozzle of the engine. The probe at the front end of the videoscope can directly observe various faults inside the cylinder through the spark plug hole or fuel injection nozzle hole, such as carbon deposition, strain, crack, foreign matter, etc.

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