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Application of Industrial Videoscope in Power Equipment Inspection


During the installation, handover, and use of power equipment, it is necessary to ensure that it can operate safely, so some detection methods are essential.These methods are used to confirm whether the equipment can be delivered and used normally. For example, the visual inspection method of industrial videoscope is a non-destructive testing method, which can conduct real-time inspection on the interior of the target more quickly. Flexible flexible tubes that can be bent can penetrate into the parts that are difficult to be directly observed by human eyes. Users can only understand the internal state of the equipment by watching the display screen, and check whether there are foreign objects, whether there are defects, damage, etc.At the same time, the industrial videoscope can also take photos and videos to retain the corresponding information for later analysis and judgment.

Coantec industrial videoscope has the characteristics of clear image, high resolution, light and easy to carry, strong and durable, simple operation, waterproof and explosion-proof. It can be used in many fields, such as automobile manufacturing, aerospace, energy and power, petrochemical, special inspection, military industry, police safety, etc. In the power industry, it is commonly used in the winding inspection of substation, GIS high-voltage circuit breaker switch inspection, through pipe internal detection, GIS bus barrel internal post insulator, contact state detection, inspection of whether there are foreign matters falling during the assembly process, etc.

At present, Coantec has C40, C50, C60, C65 and other high-definition industrial videoscope products, which can be divided into mechanical and electric control. It adopts more advanced rear optical fiber guiding technology, with high brightness, wear resistance, long service life and better protection performance. Among them, C65 series products also have measurement function, which is convenient for measuring the width and depth of internal defects of the equipment, realizing the measurement of point-to-point, point-to-line, point-to-surface, multi line segment and area, so as to realize qualitative and quantitative analysis. Longer tube can be customized to realize remote detection. The tube replaceable system can help users to effectively reduce the use cost, and has obtained the national patent. In the detection process of power equipment, the use of industrial videoscope can greatly reduce the installation and maintenance period, and reduce the cost of labor, time and material resources, which can play a multiplier effect with half the effort.

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