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Application of Videoscope in New Energy Automobile Industry


With the increasingly serious environmental problems, the traditional automobile industry is gradually being replaced by new energy vehicles with low energy consumption and more environmentally friendly. As we know, industrial videoscope (or electronic video endoscope) can be used to observe the interior of equipment or components without disassembly or damage, so it is widely used in the internal inspection process of traditional automobile engine, tube, casting and other various parts. In the field of new energy vehicle manufacturing and maintenance, videoscopes are gradually being used in more and more applications, such as battery pack detection.


The main components of the battery pack include management system, thermal management system, evaporator, fan, air duct and so on. The videoscope can be applied to the detection of battery packs of new energy vehicles, and the probe can enter the inside of the battery pack for effective surface observation, which is more convenient for batch inspection and quality management. In the production and manufacturing of parts for new energy vehicles, a large number of parts are often produced by die-casting process. The surface looseness, cracks, sand, air bubbles and other defects caused by the casting process can also be effective through the videoscope View.


In a word, the easy-to-use convenience and intuitive and reliable characteristics of the videoscope can facilitate the user to detect the area that cannot be directly observed by the human eye. The display screen can clearly show its internal conditions, which is convenient for users to perform more detailed image analysis. The COANTEC industrial videoscope can take pictures and videos, as well as capture while recording. The detection probe is IP67 dustproof and waterproof, more wear-resistant, and can be customized for oil-resistant tubes. It is convenient to use and cost-effective. An important tool in the maintenance process is also an important testing equipment for quality control of new energy vehicles. Welcome to consult and understand.

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