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Product Features of Electric Control Explosion-proof HD Industrial Videoscopes


There are many types of Coantec products, which are classified according to the conventional control methods in the industrial videoscope industry, and can be divided into mechanical control and electric control industrial videoscopes. Such as the C40 HD industrial videoscope, ME+ car videoscope, and CP police videoscope series are the former control methods. Its main advantages are small size, light weight, replaceable tubes, lighter and easier to carry. The C50 high-definition industrial videoscope and C65 three-dimensional measurement industrial videoscope series products adopt electric control mode, which precisely controls the rotation angle of the steering gear by controlling the steering gear, and indirectly controls the movement of the probe.


Electrically controlled industrial videoscopes and mechanically controlled industrial videoscopes have their own advantages and disadvantages, and also have different application directions. For example, the latter has relatively large advantages in small diameters, such as 1.8mm and 2mm can be customized according to customer requirements , 2.8mm insertion tube, you can enter some extremely small spaces for observation, such as the inner hole of a piston we mentioned before, the diameter of the detection hole is only about four or five millimeters, and it is necessary to observe the surface of the curved internal cavity. After testing, the 2mm C40 series products meet the customer's on-site testing requirements.


  C50 series electric control explosion-proof industrial videoscopes are widely used in many fields. Its main feature is that the probe is more flexible, the bending sensitivity is higher, the use feel is better, and the operation is more labor-saving. It uses dual steering gears to pull four steel wires, each of which represents the positive and negative semi-axes of the XY axis, and the bending direction and angle of the inserted tube can be changed by changing the stretch of the steel wire. The C50 series can be tested in some detection environments that require explosion-proof, which is more safe and reliable. It uses high-definition industrial cameras, high-definition displays, and a more advanced rear optical fiber light guide system, with high light intensity, better image quality can be obtained, and the service life is greatly extended. The probe's dustproof and waterproof grade reaches IP67, and the outer layer of the tube adopts a tungsten alloy wire braided layer, which is more wear-resistant and flexurally resistant, and can be used in a variety of different environments.

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