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Industrial videoscope is used to inspect the inner surface of the workpiece after deburring


After deburring process is adopted in the workpiece, the deburring effect can be checked by industrial videoscope. For example, videoscope is a kind of visual inspection equipment which is commonly used in the process of adding and cleaning the automobile assembly.


In the industrial manufacturing process, there are often various types of burrs inside the metal parts produced by various die-casting processes. This kind of burr is formed in different places such as the intersection of the part surface and the surface, which directly affects the detection, assembly, use performance, and working life of the part, and also has an adverse effect on the normal operation of seals, bearings, gears, hydraulic components and other parts. The burrs aggravate the wear of the parts, the sliding surface wears prematurely, the noise increases, and the burrs will fall off over time, and enter other parts existing in the equipment or cavity with the flow of liquid, causing the mechanism to jam and malfunction. Or it is deposited in a narrow gap, which affects the normal operation of the equipment, so the importance of deburring is self-evident.

Especially for some complex shaped workpieces, the interior can not be directly observed with the naked eye. Because of the steering function of the videoscope, the internal situation can be viewed through a narrow channel without cutting or damaging the workpiece. Some ultra-fine diameter videoscopes can observe the situation within a few mm diameter, such as C40 industrial videoscope products with 2mm and 2.8mm diameters from Coantec. This product adopts mechanical control, directly through the internal traction device to control the flexible steering of the probe. It has the characteristics of clear image, better color restoration, simple UI interface, simple operation and more practical. By adopting the specially designed pipeline replacement system, users can change the pipelines of different specifications according to their needs, so as to realize the multi-purpose of one machine and save the cost. When the lens, pipeline and other vulnerable parts need to be repaired, only need to configure the pipeline to replace itself, which is convenient, fast, short cycle and low cost.


C40 series industrial videoscope is used for the inner surface inspection of a certain workpiece


Industrial videoscopes can also be used to detect various internal surface defects of pipelines, such as weld conditions, and can also detect sand inclusions, flash burrs, staggered holes, etc. on the surface of castings, as well as cracks, residual foreign objects, rust and corrosion inside the equipment Observation and diagnosis of abnormal conditions play an important role in various industries such as automobile manufacturing, aerospace, energy and power, special inspection equipment, casting, etc., and play an important role in the quality control of parts and assembly inspection.

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