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Application of industrial videoscope in detecting internal defects of hydraulic cylinder


With the rapid development of science and technology, society has put forward higher and higher requirements for product quality and work efficiency. How to quickly and effectively detect industrial products has also become an important part of quality control.


Industrial l videoscopes do not need to disassemble the equipment or destroy the original structure. The front-end probe can penetrate into the parts to be inspected to observe the internal structure and internal surface characteristics of various parts or equipment, so it is extremely widely used in the field of non-destructive testing. From the inspection of the inner cavity surface of equipment and components, to the detection of weld defects of pipelines, as well as assembly quality inspection, equipment operation status monitoring, etc., industrial videoscopes are playing an important role in various industries. Under normal circumstances, industrial videoscopes will also cooperate with other non-destructive testing instruments for more accurate testing.


The hydraulic cylinder is a hydraulic actuator that converts hydraulic energy into mechanical energy and performs linear reciprocating motion (or swing motion). It has simple structure and reliable work. When it is used to realize reciprocating movement, it can eliminate the deceleration device, and has no transmission gap, and the movement is stable. Therefore, it is widely used in various mechanical hydraulic systems. Hydraulic cylinders can be used in various hydraulic equipment. However, due to production process or structural design problems, fatigue damage during use, various accidents, etc., various defects may be caused, which affect the hydraulic cylinder Normal use. Its internal surface defects, such as cracks, sharp edges, burrs, etc., scratches, etc., are difficult to directly observe with the human eye, and industrial videoscopes are generally used for inspection.


Customers are very interested in the latest 3.9mm diameter industrial videoscope from Coantec. This product has a clear image, a smaller tube diameter and a smaller steering angle, which can penetrate into a narrow space for inspection. In addition to testing hydraulic cylinders, it can also be used for internal testing of hydraulic valve holes with smaller diameters.


In addition to industrial videoscopes with basic functions such as direct observation, photography, and video recording, Coantec has also developed the C65 series of videoscopes with three-dimensional measurement functions, which can measure the size of defects, such as point-to-point point-to-line, point-to-surface, area, Multi-line segments, etc., carry out precise measurement calculations, and complete qualitative to quantitative analysis. In the future, Coantec will also vigorously develop automatic measurement and automatic defect recognition technology to better improve user efficiency and help improve product quality. This will also be the future development trend of detection technology.

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