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Application of videoscope to detect defects in impeller of multistage pump


The multi-stage pump impeller is generally a cast or welded part. It is a wheel disk equipped with moving blades. As an important part of a steam turbine, its main function is to convert mechanical energy into static pressure energy and dynamic pressure energy of industrial fluids. The shortcomings of the multi-stage pump will directly affect the efficiency and performance of its liquid delivery. Videoscope is one of the commonly used tools for pump inspection. In the process of defect detection of multi-stage pumps, the probe can directly enter the internal detection surface defects through the flow channel without directly disassembling the detection, which greatly improves the detection efficiency.

Videoscopes can be used for detection:

1. Casting defects: sand holes, cracks, shrinkage cavity and so on in the runner

2. Internal foreign bodies: long-term accumulation of rust, foreign bodies, etc.

3. Impeller abrasion, corrosion, and fracture: long-term erosion of the liquid medium causes wear and loss of impeller material; impeller fracture caused by cavitation, corrosion, and abrasion; loss of coating on the surface of the impeller corrosion-resistant layer causes corrosion; cavitation is formed Holes or perforations, etc.

The C40 series products have clear images, can better present the internal state of the multi-stage pump, and are more convenient to hold and flexible to operate.

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