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Application case of industrial videoscope for detecting burr in oil passage


In recent years, with the increasing demand for product quality, industrial videoscope, as a common quality inspection equipment, has also been more applied. At present, the domestic industrial videoscope has reached the leading level in the world in terms of shipment volume, and the technical level has also been improved more rapidly. Great progress has been made in image quality and product performance. Coantec has developed advanced three-dimensional measurement and measurement technology, which greatly changes the current situation that domestic industrial videoscope brands have been in the middle and low-end for a long time.


At present, the use of Coantec industrial videoscopes covers many fields, including aerospace, automobile manufacturing, mechanical casting, energy and power, petrochemicals, military and police industries, etc., used for internal cavity inspection and assembly of various equipment or components Inspection, inspection of weld surface defects, inspection of excess objects, residual internal swarf in the cavity, detection of foreign objects, excess objects, and condition inspection, etc.


Here is an example of C40 series industrial videoscope in the oil duct detection application.


There are burrs in the oil channel due to the processing technology, and these fine burrs tend to fall off due to the flow of liquid, and even enter into various key parts inside, which affects the overall performance and directly affects the service life of the equipment. At the same time, the inner wall may also have various scratches, burrs, cracks, debris, sand inclusions, misalignment, blockages and other defects, which are difficult to be directly observed by human eyes, but it often directly affects the normal operation of the engine.


At the scene, we demonstrated to our customers the C40 series of millions of high-definition industrial videoscope products. We can see that Coantec products can distinguish the shape of the oil passage at a normal angle of view, and other brands are difficult to achieve the same effect.


In terms of image clarity, we can say that Coantec has achieved the perfect presentation of details. At the same time, we also invented the videoscope pipeline replacement system, which realized the perfect combination of industrial design aesthetics and practicability. This C 40 series product has a pipeline replaceable system. A host can be equipped with a variety of pipelines, which can be used for the detection of different workpieces and different detection scenarios. Users can replace them according to their own needs to achieve multi-purpose and more cost-effective. When the lens, insert tube and other vulnerable parts need to be repaired, only the pipeline is needed to replace. The disassembly and installation process is simple and convenient, the maintenance is convenient and fast, the cycle is short, and the cost is lower.


We have also developed many new products C65 series 3D measurement HD industrial videoscope, C60 series HD video industrial videoscope, etc. If you need more details, please contact us.

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