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CP36: A police endoscope resistant to -40℃ low temperature


CP36 series police videoscope adopts integrated hand-held design, with illumination (visible light and invisible infrared light source, can be switched with one key), real-time display, photo, video and playback functions, mainly used for personnel Observe in a small space that is inconvenient to enter, and close to the room or window to conduct hidden periscope observation.

The product adopts high-definition lens and resolution display screen, which can present clear observation images. The probe is guided 360° in all directions and observes no dead angle. The pipeline adopts waterproof, dustproof and low temperature design, which is more suitable for harsh environments. The user can replace the insertion tube independently, realizing multi-use of one machine and saving cost effectively. Specially equipped with special battery for long-lasting military service, with reverse connection protection function. The indicator can be used to hold the screen with one click, effectively avoiding personnel exposure in the night environment. The equipment is easy to operate, durable, lighter and more portable. Optional radio frequency, WIFI module, wireless transmission of device images to mobile terminals. It can be said that CP36 series police videoscope is a police product with convenient use, simple operation, convenient portability and powerful functions.

1Infrared/white light integrated dual light source

A single pipeline has both visible light (white light) and invisible light (infrared light), suitable for different working scenarios. The light source can be switched with one key, making the operation more convenient.

2Insertion tube autonomous replacement system

The insertion tube adopts consumable design, and users can replace the tubes of different specifications according to their own needs. The replacement process can be completed within 30 seconds, which achieves multi-use of one machine and saves costs.

3Real-time monitoring/photographing/recording/playback function

Users can monitor the scene in real time through the observation mirror, and can take pictures and videos, and provide a basis for further analysis and judgment through data recording and storage.

4,Radio frequency and WIFI module realize image wireless transmission (optional)

Through the radio frequency and Wi-Fi module, the real-time detection image can be wirelessly transmitted to the data receiving terminal, such as mobile phones and other mobile terminals (application software needs to be pre-installed, support Android), to achieve remote monitoring.

5,Hand-held telescopic rod device

It can be equipped with a hand-held telescopic rod, which is made of high-quality alloy material and can be extended to 1m. It is used to fix flexible pipelines, stabilize the viewing field, and greatly improve the applicability of the product.

6,Waterproof, dustproof and low temperature design

The protection grade of the probe and pipeline can reach IP67, which is effectively waterproof, dustproof, oil and corrosion resistant. It adopts a more low-temperature design and can work in a low-temperature environment of -40°C. It is suitable for working places with severe environments such as low-temperature and severe cold areas and wilderness.

7,Display brightness adjustment function, one-touch screen

It adopts a 3.5-inch high-definition display screen with adjustable brightness level 4. In the night or dark environment, the screen can be switched off with one key and the image on the screen can be turned off. The device has better concealment while effectively saving electricity.

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