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What are the characteristics of Coantec C60 series industrial video borescope operating handle


In 2019, Coantec launched a new series of C60 industrial borescope, which was exhibited in several large domestic exhibitions, such as casting exhibition, welding exhibition and so on, and attracted the attention of many customers.This year we upgraded the product and developed a new electric handle, with further updates in handling and software functions.

This product uses a new borescope technology, based on the original C40, C50 series, combined with the advantages of the two fully integrated, making this product not only has the C40 series similar replaceable pipeline system, but also has Compared with the C50 series of similar structure of the electric control operation handle, compared with many domestic products of the same series, this product has obvious advantages. Then let's discuss the main features of the series.

1. Operating handles with two different control methods.

1) The mechanical push rod handle can be operated with one hand and two hands, and the diameters of 2.0mm, 2.8mm, 3.9mm, 4.8mm, 6mm, 8mm and other specifications can be selected according to the use scenario, and there are many options for steering, such as no steering , Two directions, four directions, etc., a host can be equipped with multiple pipelines, can be replaced anytime, anywhere, while saving costs, greatly reducing the work intensity and improving work efficiency.

2) The electric handle is controlled by the servo control probe, which has better maneuverability and precise steering angle.It also has a variety of functions such as one-key reset, step motion, and switching the probe working mode, which are convenient for quick positioning of defects and more For detailed observation, when the probe enters the internal detection of the component, the status indicator on the operating handle will display green/red according to the actual probe status, so that the user can better understand the current working status of the probe. A variety of function buttons are also set on the electric handle, which can enlarge the picture, adjust the brightness and shut down, etc., which improves the operation flexibility and convenience.

2. A variety of materials are available for the operating handle. Users can choose SUS304 stainless steel straight rod, tungsten wire wear-resistant braided tube and alloy spring tube and other material pipelines. Whether it is a mechanical handle or an electric handle, the length and diameter of the pipeline itself can be selected according to needs. This more versatile form of industrial borescope, can achieve multi-purpose machine, more cost-effective, has good applicability under various working conditions, is a very practical visual inspection tool.

This industrial borescope has a wide range of applications, including casting defect detection, pipeline weld detection, machining defect detection, equipment operation detection and so on.Especially in the process of mass workpiece detection, such as auto parts detection, it can better improve the detection efficiency and give play to its advantages of customization and diversification.

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