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Industrial videoscope for the application of internal burr detection of hydraulic valve block


The valve block is one of the important components in the electro-hydraulic servo control system.

In hydraulic systems, the main reason for the performance degradation of the valve block is corrosion and mechanical wear (wear, aging, adhesive damage, etc.), and burrs are an important cause of mechanical wear, which may fall off during operation and enter the control system. Causes premature wear of the sliding surface and even jams the mechanism, causing system failure. On the other hand, burrs can also affect the sealing of the system, causing system failure.

How to investigate it, remove burrs by scientific means and reduce the harm caused by burr formation is an important topic that has been discussed in the industry. The internal space of the hydraulic valve block is small, and the surface of the burr is not directly visible to the human eye. The industry generally uses industrial videoscopes for detection. Compared with other non-destructive testing methods, this method is relatively simple, fast and easy. Operation, the tester can get started without long training.

After deburring is removed by various processes, an industrial videoscope is required to examine the burr to ensure that the burr is cleaned.After the valve block is used for a long time, it needs to be regularly tested by industrial videoscope to effectively check the rust spots, iron scraps in oil holes, chips and impurities in the hole, as well as all kinds of particle pollutants, corrosion substances and grease attached to the valve block, so as to clean it and ensure the normal work of the system.

Hydraulic valve test

Above is the scene picture of the customer using Coantec industrial videoscope C40 series to test a hydraulic valve. This videoscope probe is made of hard titanium alloy, sapphire lens protection, more wear-resistant, waterproof and oil-proof design, can be widely used in the detection of internal burrs of hydraulic valve blocks. The image is clear, no loss of detail, mechanical damping rocker, and a stronger sense of control. More original and self-replaceable pipeline system, one main unit can be matched with different specifications of pipelines, which is more cost-effective and more durable. It can be easily used by users in many different scenarios, and can effectively cope with different detection requirements.

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