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Warmly welcome German customers to visit Coantec company to inspect and learn about industrial video


Since its establishment in 2012, Shenzhen Coantec Automation Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Coantec) has been focusing on the research, development, production, sales and service of industrial videoscopes and other testing products for nearly 7 years. It has served more than 1,000 domestic and foreign companies. For large and medium-sized enterprises, the domestic market share has been increasing year by year. More than ten domestic distributors cover most of the country, providing customers with more reliable testing products and better service.

Coantec not only stops in the domestic market, but is based in Shenzhen, looks at the world, strives to grasp the opportunities of global integration, actively deploys and expands overseas markets, strengthens cooperation with international customers, and gradually establishes a relatively complete Dealer network. For example, the United States, Europe, Japan, Russia, India and other places have joined a number of strategic dealers, providing local customers with faster localization services.According to preliminary statistics, Coantec has established cooperative relations with customers in more than 30 countries and regions around the world. Coantec has become one of the major brands of industrial videoscope, and its brand influence has been effectively improved, which is inseparable from the support and trust of domestic and foreign customers.

In recent years, Coantec has participated in relevant international industrial exhibitions in Russia, Germany, Japan, the United States, France and other countries, and has established better communication channels with international customers. At the same time, there are also many customers who have chosen to visit Coantec for on-the-spot visits and inspections so that both sides can deepen their understanding and establish closer and longer-term cooperation.At the beginning of this month, two German customers visited Coantec, and through our introduction of the company and products, German customers who have always been known for their rigor are also applauded. As a well-known industrial videoscope manufacturer in China, Coantec will continue to provide better products and services for more customers, and welcome customers to visit us for a comprehensive and in-depth understanding.

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