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Industrial videoscopes for inspection applications on clean pipelines in the pharmaceutical industry


In the pharmaceutical industry, the requirements for cleanliness of clean pipeline are very high.During installation, the internal environment of the pipeline must be smooth, and high-pressure cleaning, disinfection and drying should be carried out to control the quantity of microorganisms and avoid contamination of the liquid medicine.

The leveling and uniformity of the weld directly affects the degree of contamination of the liquid. It is necessary to ensure that there is no environment suitable for bacterial growth inside. The clean pipe should be welded with reasonable welding method and welding sequence to ensure uniform weld surface appearance. Beautiful, excellent welding quality, no welding defects can be put into use.

Pharmaceutical pipeline testing

The installation requirements of clean pipelines are very strict, so the quality of the welds is very high. The quality of the welds directly affects the degree of contamination of the liquids. It must be inspected with professional tools. It is required that all completed automatic welding, at least the automatic welding and all manual welding should be videoscope detection.

The standard welding seam and the base metal are smoothly transitioned, the inner surface has no obvious concave or convex, the welding wave is uniform, straight, no welding deviation, no blisters, no cracks, no overheating and over-welding of the weld. The inner and outer surfaces of the weld are basically the same as the base material, which is silver-white, and the heat-affected zone does not change color, and there are no defects such as cracks and interlayers.All welds shall be free of pitting, pinholes, corrosion marks and spot weld marks, etc. The inner and outer surfaces have no obvious irregularities, and the welding waves are uniform and straight. After the weld is welded, the weld is inspected according to the videoscope inspection procedure. The inspection standard must meet the design specifications. The unqualified weld must be repaired according to the rework specification.

In addition to the pharmaceutical industry, as well as the food industry, such as beverages, dairy products and other liquid transport, the cleanliness of the pipeline is also particularly important. It is necessary to strictly control the internal colonies, foreign bodies and impurities to ensure the hygiene of food and avoid pollution.

The industrial videoscope is a portable tool for detecting defects on the inner surface of the weld and can be photographed and recorded. It can view the scale, slag, bulges, depressions on the inner surface of the clean pipe, and foreign matter and impurities that affect the cleanliness of the pipe. Excessive materials such as paint, rust, burrs, and dirt are cleaned to ensure that the inner wall is clean and dry, which is of great significance for improving cleanliness.

Coantec has reached in-depth cooperation with many well-known dairy beverage companies and herbal tea beverage companies in China. The self-developed industrial videoscopes have been widely used in the cleanliness detection of clean pipelines. With the increasingly strict quality control in the food and pharmaceutical industry, and the increasing emphasis on the cleanliness of the pipeline, it is believed that the videoscope will get more applications.

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