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How does industrial videoscope detect gear box tooth wear, bearing wear and other defects?


Gearbox is an important component widely used in mechanical transmission. When a pair of gears mesh, there are inevitably various errors such as pitch and tooth shape. Therefore, meshing impact may occur during operation. Material friction damage occurs on the contact surface, causing gear teeth breakage, tooth surface pitting, tooth surface wear, tooth surface gluing and tooth surface plastic deformation, etc., resulting in gearbox failure.

Industrial videoscopes are non-destructive testing tools commonly used to detect gear box tooth surface wear and bearing wear defects, and are widely used in various industries.It can detect the area that can not be directly seen by the human eye in the in-service equipment without disassembling the equipment. The detection effect is visible, and it is more intuitive than other methods, which greatly improves the work efficiency. It is very convenient for the equipment to be quickly inspected without affecting the normal use of the equipment.

The industrial videoscope can enter the inside of the gearbox through a flexible 360° guide insertion tube. By adjusting the joystick of the main unit, the steering of the probe can be adjusted to observe internal defects without dead angle. When used to detect gears and bearings, the surface condition and condition can be visualized. The length of the pipeline can be several meters, and large equipment can also be tested.

If there are defects such as tooth surface wear, bearing wear, and tooth surface corrosion, rust, wear and other conditions, it can be visually presented through the display screen of the main engine of industrial videoscope, or the image can be magnified multiple times, for more detailed observation.It can take photos and videos, which is convenient for users to make timely judgment and analysis. Images and videos are archived by memory card, which can be read by computer, which provides a basis for data backup and further defect analysis.At the same time, the industrial videoscope can also check the internal gear of the gearbox and the foreign objects at the bottom of the gearbox, effectively record the specific conditions of the gear and bearing operation, so that the user can take effective measures to ensure the normal operation of the equipment.

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