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Industrial videoscopes for pump and valve body flow detection applications and advantages


Industrial videoscope is a commonly used tool in the field of industrial nondestructive testing technology, such as pump body, valve body parts in the port of (refers to the hydraulic system in the fluid flow pathways within the element, if there is a flaw, may cause pollution) in the internal fluid testing, may through endoscopic front-end probe into the hole on the parts and the inner chamber, direct observation to the human eye cannot directly observe internal flow channel defect of parts, the internal surface defect detection of intuitionistic analysis and judgment, therefore has been widely used in every industry.


Coantec hand-held portable industrial videoscopes are suitable for all areas where internal testing is required, and have considerable versatility. Such as aerospace engine turbines, automotive engines, pipelines, boilers, pressure vessels and other internal defects, especially in the case of batch inspection, with clear imaging, easy operation, high detection efficiency.


Features of the hand-held portable industrial videoscope:

The operation is simple and convenient: the user can hold the videoscope pipeline, hold the host with the display, observe while operating, record the internal condition of the defect by taking images and recording video.


Pipeline more wear-resisting, using more wear-resisting sapphire lens, detecting probe made of hard titanium alloy can effectively protect the lens, the pipeline is adopted four layer of tungsten wire braided tube wear-resisting, also suitable for long time, large quantities of detection of various kinds of metal and non-metallic parts inside, even a relatively rough surface, also can have longer service life.


Adjustable steering and speed of the probe: the defect can be quickly found and observed in detail.The steering of the probe can be controlled mechanically or electrically for smoother operation.


Multiple turns in the bend: the soft pipe can be observed through the interior of the parts with multiple corners, to a depth of several meters.


Relatively small defects can also be seen: the image is clear, the real-time detection image can be enlarged, the picture taken can also be more than magnification, can observe the pump body, valve body is relatively small defects, such as cracks, bumps, dents and foreign bodies, etc.

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