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How is the wear resistance and water resistance of industrial endoscope pipelines guaranteed?


Insert tubes for industrial endoscopes require frequent contact with relatively rough metal surfaces, and the probe can wear out easily, especially after frequent operations.Customers who have used the endoscope of Coantec industry know that our endoscopic pipeline USES four layers of wear-resistant tungsten wire braided tube, which has a tighter braided layer and is more wear-resistant and water-resistant than ordinary pipelines.The probe part is made of hard titanium alloy, which effectively protects the lens and laser welding process, and has more stable operation performance.

How is the wear resistance and water resistance of industrial endoscope pipelines guaranteed? How did we test it?

1. Wear resistance test:

As shown in the figure, the heavy load is transmitted from the upper test bar. After applying 10N heavy-duty reciprocating motion friction for 13000 times, the probe material wear condition is measured. It is observed whether the texture of the tungsten mesh braided pipe network is clear and tidy, and the broken wire is not allowed, and the wear thickness is 0.3 mm.

Method for testing wear resistance of pipelines

2. Water resistance test:

When the instrument is turned on, the probe is inserted into the water depth of 1m to observe whether the picture can be displayed normally. After 30 minutes, remove the probe, wipe the lens clean, observe whether there is water in the front end of the probe, whether the lens is blurred, and observe whether the display screen is displayed. For water-stained images, follow the normal procedure to see if there are any abnormalities. If the above fails to meet the standard, the waterproof test will not pass.

In addition, Coantec Industrial Endoscope has passed ROHS certification, REACH certification, and passed the following various tests to ensure product quality.

Drop test

Low temperature adaptability test

High temperature adaptability test

Constant damp heat test

ESD test

Dielectric strength test

Vibration test

Waterproof and dustproof test

Insulation test

Leakage current test

EMC test

LVD test

Explosion proof test

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