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Characteristics of Visual Inspection of Industrial Endoscopes


Industrial endoscope is the third generation of endoscope after rigid endoscope and optical fiber endoscope. It was born in the United States in 1980s, and has been widely promoted and applied in recent decades.The industrial endoscope uses advanced microelectronic devices to replace the traditional fiber guiding beam and eyepiece. The transmitted optical image is converted into an electronic image through the charge coupled device CCD or COMS image sensor at the front end of the endoscope, and transmitted to the image through the cable. A processor that processes to reproduce high-definition, color-realistic video images on the display. Its scope is not limited to medicine, but covers all aspects of industrial manufacturing, operation and maintenance. It has a wide range of applications and can be used in NDT work in aerospace, automotive, pressure vessel, petrochemical, and mechanical manufacturing industries.

Advantages of industrial endoscopes:

1.The image display is more intuitive and simpler than other non-destructive testing methods. Many people can watch at the same time, and the detection effect is more objective and accurate.

2.It is not necessary to observe the eyepiece for a long time, which reduces the labor intensity of the operator.

3,.while real-time observation, you can also take photos and record video, for more detailed analysis.

4, Clear image, vivid color, high resolution, good effect for the detection of minor defects.

5,It is possible to detect through a small, curved space without disassembling or destroying the object to be inspected.

Industrial endoscopes also have problems such as insufficient efficiency and inconsistent determination criteria for surface defects. Therefore, in order to ensure that the results of visual inspection are more accurate, it is often necessary to perform professional visual inspection training for the inspectors.In the production and testing process, experienced inspectors are often able to quickly identify problems through visual inspection of industrial endoscopes, thus greatly improving work efficiency.

In addition to the portable design, Coantec Industrial Endoscope also has a variety of large-screen industrial endoscope products such as desktop and split type. It has large-screen, multi-color, high-brightness, high-resolution detection images, and is also available for many People watch at the same time, which makes the image analysis results more accurate.Applications for industrial endoscopes include special equipment such as boilers, pressure pipes, gas cylinders, etc., automotive engine casting burrs, sand inclusion defects, vehicle inspection, mechanical equipment internal conditions, aircraft engine defect detection, etc.

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