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Application of Industrial Endoscope in Visual Inspection of Special Equipment such as Pipeline


In the special inspection industry, visual inspection is used to prevent macroscopical inspection of pressure pipeline in the early stage. The user can use the visual inspection tools such as industrial endoscopes to inspect the internal structure, geometric dimensions, surface conditions (such as cracks, corrosion, leakage, deformation, etc.) of the pipe, as well as the welded joints, anti-corrosion layers, and thermal insulation layers.

During the first periodic inspection, the pipe structure and geometrical dimensions shall be inspected. When the periodic inspection is carried out, only the pipelines subjected to fatigue, the modified or major repaired pipelines, and the structural and geometrical anomalies shall be inspected for new defects.

Visual inspection should generally include the following:

1) Pipe structure inspection, including pipe arrangement, support and hanger, expansion joint, opening reinforcement, discharge device setting, etc.

2) Geometric dimension inspection, including the amount of misalignment of the pipe weld, the undercut, the weld height, etc.

3) Appearance inspection, including pipeline markings, corrosion of pipes and their welds, cracks, leaks, bulging, deformation, mechanical contact damage, overheating, arc burns, deformation of pipe supports, cracking, discharge (hydrophobic, sewage) devices Blockage, corrosion, deposits, damage to the coating, spalling, breakage of the insulation, shedding, corrosion and cracks in the supermarket and under the insulation.

(The above section is excerpted from the "Regulations for Periodic Inspection of Pressure Pipelines - Industrial Pipelines" TSG Special Equipment Safety Technical Specifications.)

Pressure pipe

As a commonly used visual inspection tool, industrial endoscopes can directly observe various defects on the surface in the inspection of special equipment such as industrial pipes and boilers, and can retain data by photographing and recording, which is more convenient to use. It is easy to operate, light and easy to carry, and has been widely used.

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