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Shenzhen Coantec Automation Technology Co., Ltd,(Coantec  Ltd.),founded in 2012, is a high-tech enterprise which is specialized in research and development, production and sales of industrial endoscopes, automotive borescopes, police endoscopes, video borescopes, intelligent testing robots and visual intelligent instruments. Based on independent innovation, we have succeeded in developing the first HD industrial endoscope of megapixels in the videoscope industry. We have our own brand of Industrial endoscope--- COANTEC.

Our Philosophy


Our R&D Team

We have professional technical team such as program engineers,structural engineers,electronics engineers etc.Also we have top management team with excellent administrator.

Our Products

●Automotive Borescopes          ●Remote Visual Inspection Videoscopes

●Industrial Videoscopes            ●Infrared Borescopes

●Handheld HD Videoscope       ●Security Checking Endoscope

●Wireless Massage Device        ●Intraoral Camera

●Otoscopes                                ●Megapixels Videoscope

Our Application

Electric power, Petrochemical, Metallurgy, Construction, Fire protection,Scientific research, Public security, Military;Nondestructive testing(NDT),Explosion-proof detection, Energy-saving detection etc.

Our Service

Coantec offers OEM/ ODM services for customers worldwide.We also provide all kinds of nondestructive testing solutions to customers for reference.And all products are with long term warranty and 24 hours after-sales service.

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